Ponder this - Autograph Alley

The Revs have a tradition at the end of every game where they send a few players out to sign autographs for the fans.

So at Sunday night's record breaking extravaganza, in which Jay Heaps has his 300th appearance and scored a goal and an assist, Taylor Twellman becomes the youngest and fastest goal scorer to reach 100 goals (and # 101) all with the same club I might add), Matt Reis registers his 50th career shutout, and Steve Ralston - the all time MLS Assist Leader (who also sets a new record every minute he plays) notches another assist and a goal to boot - who do you think the Revs send out to sign Autographs?

Brad Knighton, Chris Tierney, Mauricio Castro, and Zack Simmons.

Two backup goal keepers and two left wings - none of which appeared in the record breaking event at all.

Don't get me wrong - I understand how it works - the list of who signs autographs is developed way in advance and everyone takes a turn. And I have the utmost respect for both Brad Knighton and Chris Tierney who have played some serious minutes this season and have earned some street cred in my opinion - as well as increase their trade value.

But my point - and I do have one - is why not switch it up on this special occassion - call an audible to borrow a phrase - send out Heaps, Twellman, Ralston, Reis and heck throw Shalrie Joseph out there as well (he only had two assists). Heaps and Shalrie and Ralston were all signing stuff for the crowd anyway from the dressing room stairs - why not just send them around the alley? Even Twellman - who ran out to sign a banner made in honor of his 100th goal - gave a few high fives at the dressing room door before disappearing.

And what is the point of sending out people that don't play to sign autographs? I know they are part of the team and all - but the fans don't identify with them. Who wants Nico Colaluca's autograph (yeah - he signed autographs last week) when he hasn't even played for the team yet?

It's about giving the people what they want, not about equal face time for players. On a night where the Revs could have capitalized on one of the greatest events in team history - they missed out.

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