Crashing back down to Earth ...

or also called REALITY BITES

After long last, our season has finally started, and already I have experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of the FEET.

I am of course talking about the loss to the hated Chicago Fire. After a thrilling victory in our season opener against Houston, in which the Revs did everything right... last night the Revs managed to completely do everything wrong. They completly fell apart as they were dismantled by the Fire 4-0 (with all goals being scored in the first 40 minutes).

What a totally pathetic and pitiful performance by the Revs, and exceptionally poor defending by Parkhurst and Albright, and even more exceptionally poor judgement by Steve Nicol. After the red card to Larentowicz (a bit extreme, don't you think?) Nicol should have immediately gone to a 4-4-1. And while I agree Khano Smith was the man to come off, Chase Hilgenbrinck should have come on for Smith, and move Castro out left and Mansally into the middle with Joseph. Gary Flood was not the right choice to come on. He was AWFUL the first half and never touched the ball. He did improve after Hilgenbrinck came on - but at the expense of Kenny Mansally, thereby limiting our offense.

After Hilgenbrinck came on, the Revs settled down and made some good runs down the wing courtesy of Nyassi. But Chicago is one of those teams that had effectively exploited the 3-5-2 last year... and after the first goal it should have been apparent that they were going to do it again... The onslaught could have been avoided early if Nicol had moved Larentowicz back to partner with Parkhurst after the first goal as a fourth defender, and he probably would not have been ejected because he would have been playing a bit further back.

lord I have a headache.

And why weren't they wearing their lucky white shirts?