Episodio 9 - El Medianoche Viaje

This week on El Medianoche Viaje - we put on our sombrero and get ready for SuperLiga. Injuries, roster moves, and potential signings all to a beat that comes from south of the border to put us in a SuperLiga kind of mood.

Episode 9 Show Notes

Twellman and striker position Posted by Christopher Temper on June 14, 2009 at 2:04pm on Defendthefort.net in Revolution: On the Field
This question is for FO/Management folks. Clearly we can not rely on TnT to be available week to week. He makes a huge difference on the field for us. Without him, we struggle to even get SOGs, never mind goals. It appears we have no one else who can consistently score (double digit numbers for a season except maybe Ralston). As promising as some of the young guys like Mansally and Dube look to be the are clearly not able to fill a striker role in the way we need. Are we looking for a proven veteran who can regularly hit the back of the net? Doesn't matter if they are DP or a current player in MLS. Clearly we need something more. Can someone from the FO (Brian, SN, Burns, anyone?) comment on this?

Music: El Matador - by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs Xica da Silva - By Jorge Ben (I know it's not original, but you can blame Peter Brown on CSRN's Divers and Cheats for introducing it to me) "Why?" clip - excerpt from Rhymocerous and Hiphopopotamus - Flight of the Conchords

Scott Bornstein, Sandra Franz, Zach Woosley, and the Immortal Erik Young http://www.winninguglyradio.com
Zach Woosley - http://www.gingetalksthefooty.com
Twiggster - Glory Glory Leeds! http://www.csrnusa.com/glorygloryleeds/ podcast: http://www.csrnusa.com/glorygloryleeds/glory-glory-leeds-show/
Jason Davis - http://www.matchfitusa.com
Chris Nee and Gary Andrews - http://www.twofootedtackle.com
Michael Johnson (MJ_in_Pitt) - http://www.steelarmy.com/
Kartik Krishnaiyer - http://thekartikreport.com
Brian O'Connell - http://houseofsoccer.blogspot.com/

Be sure to check out the new article by L.E. Eisenmenger
http://www.examiner.com/x-4128-New-England-Revolution-Examiner http://twitter.com/madisonroad
Additional Props to Jorge Ben, Paul Revere and The Raiders, Flight of the Conchords
and the Midnight Riders Tailgate Party

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