Ok so the Light is shining a bit more

Since posting the last article:

The Revs made the front page of the sports section of Friday's Boston Globe. There were three separate articles in the paper - two on last night's game and one on the upcoming MLS Cup Final.

Taylor Twellman was quoted in the paper saying "The only way we'll get mentioned in Boston is if we win it".

A whole page (D5) was dedicated to the Revs. Granted, a third of it was taken up by a Bank of America ad.

Oh yeah...the Revs winning and going on to the final might have had something to do with it.

Baby steps, baby steps.

Light shines on the Revolution...for a minute or two.

I never thought I would see the day. The Revolution got mentioned on the local sports network.

I have been working on an idea for an article on the lack of coverage the Revs get in the mainstream media, especially TV. The local papers do a pretty good job of reporting the scores, but it is always on the back pages of the sports section and never more than one article per paper, and never more than three papers a week.

Granted its tough to be in professional sports in Boston competing against the likes of the Patriots and the Red Sox. Even the Bruins and the Celtics with their storied legacies are competing for third place against those two monoliths of professional sports. With the amount of sports content in this town, you could fill two newspapers on those four teams alone.

But it really started to bother me while watching the Boston Red Sox during the world series. Listening to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver is bad enough, but to have to listen to them talk about how things are looking so good for Boston Sports right now with the Patriots undefeated, and the Celtics are revamped, and even the Bruins are looking good.

No mention of the Revolution entering their 7th straight post season.

Granted it's Fox and I shouldn't expect anything from Fox, but with all the meaningless crap being spewed out of the mouth of McCarver you think that maybe they could squeeze in a plug for the Revolution as well.

But to make matters worse, there was no mention from the local TV media at all. So I was getting good and mad at NESN and I had already decided to write an article blasting them for neglecting their forgotten step child when I turned on the TV this morning to get some fresh material. Lo and behold - there is Matt Reis saying:

"They are going to be a little bit smarting from last year and us knocking them out of the playoffs, we're smarting from them beating us at the end of the season, ...there's going to be a lot of smarts out there."
So I kept watching and there was Steve Nicol saying how they needed to focus, and Taylor Twellman saying that they know this team and they should win, and they actually showed footage of them practicing, and then they put up some stats showing how the Revs have made it to the Eastern Conference Final for the last 6 years and they even mentioned the shootout loss to Houston last year.

I couldn't believe it - this was a first for me. Never have I seen a local station show a clip quoting a Revolution player. But as soon as it had started to sink in - it was over. Gone was the Revolution, gone was the practice footage, gone were the stats, and on came the Matt Light Celebrity Shootout (shotguns, not basketball).

I feel unfulfilled. I want more. I want sideline interviews after the game. I want Revolution Day at Fenway Park. I want a televised championship parade on Duck Boats.

But in a town that is ruled by 162 games on a diamond and 16 games on the grid iron, I'll take a minute or two on NESN.

Baby steps, people. Baby Steps.