Just when you thought it was safe in the deep end of the pool...

Revolution getting creative - The Boston Globe

I have been talking a lot about depth this season, and how nice it is to have it. Looks like we may be testing that depth a bit more than anticipated this summer.

Kenny Mansally and Kheli Dube are slated to start again this weekend against Columbus, with Taylor Twellman out for another few weeks while he is nursing his ankle.

After that however, it gets a bit more shallow in the available forwards' end of the pool.

Mansally has been called up for National Team duty with The Gambia...no word on Sainey Nyassi yet. That leaves Dube, Adam Cristman, and rookies Spencer Wadsworth, and Joe Germanese as potential backups.

Mansally, despite his low goal production this spring, has been Nicol's number one choice at striker since the beginning of the season while Twellman recovered from Surgery. The pair were set to be a lethal tandem at the front, pushing 2nd year Cristman to the substitute's bench as the backup.

Cristman has since moved even further down in the pecking order with the emergence of Dube. Last week, it was Dube that got the start in Twellman's absence. Cristman only saw limited minutes against San Jose at the end of the game.

Last year, Cristman was the first choice as a replacement, filling in for both Noonan and Twellman while they split time on the injured list. This year it is a different story for Cristman. Even when Twellman was so obviously injured in his first match of the season, Cristman stayed on the bench, leaving Twellman on the field, noticeably hobbling. Apparently Nicol thought an injured Twellman was better than a rested Cristman.

Well, Cristman will have his chance again, as Mansally will be out till the end of June, and Twellman returning mid month. He would do well to make the most of it, or he may end up playing somewhere else.

Two new signings make for interesting developments up front

New England Revolution

With the additions of Joe Germanese and Brandon Manzonelli, the Revolution are adding more and more depth at positions where they don't really need it.

The midfield is already full with new additions Castro and Nyassi, relegating last years starters Thompson and Smith to the bench.

The forwards are also looking solid with Kheli Dube and Adam Cristman backing up Twellman and Kenny Mansally.

Thoughts on a convincing home win

Just watched the game again on DVR.... and I have to say despite Wells Thompson's improved defense, Sainey Nyassi better get the start on Saturday. It was hard to see him on the flanks from where I was sitting in the stands, but watching him on TV I am reminded of how good he is. He is so explosive, and his energy seems to feed Mansally as well. With Twellman possibly coming back, we'll have to see who partners with him up front.

My thoughts on starting line up...I'd like to see a four man back line against Columbus. They will be able to exploit our midfield a lot easier than Chivas or San Jose did, mainly because they are better. But the smart money is on Nicol playing a 3-5-2.

-----------------Big Red ---------- Shalrie
Nyassi ------------------ Ralston ------------ Castro
-----------Twellman (Dube)--- Mansally

My four man configuration would be pull Larentowicz for Igwe, put him in left back and partner Heaps with Parkhurst in the center.

Also - my man of the match would be a tie between Shalrie and Ralston. Both were everywhere they needed to be and played both sides of the ball very well.

Ryan Johnson for San Jose (formerly of Boston) came on in the second half and also impressed - our defense did a good job limiting his chances, but he is a big strong kid and did well to get open a couple of times.