Episode 6 - The Return of Taylor Twellman

In this week's podcast, we celebrate the return of Taylor Twellman, look at next week's game against New York with a new guest host, plus we break in a new man on the street with some excellent feedback.

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Episode 6 Show Notes Special thanks to this week's guest - Daniel Feuerstein Check out Daniel's blog, Feuerstein's Fire at http://www.CSRNUSA.com and also his column on http://www.majorleaguesoccertalk.com

Music: Kicks - By Paul Revere and the Raiders Xica da Silva - By Jorge Ben (I know it's not original, but you can blame Peter Brown on CSRN's Divers and Cheats for introducing it to me) "Why?" clip - excerpt from Rhymocerous and Hiphopopotamus - Flight of the Conchords Theme Song from "Around the League in 90 Minutes" - CSRN

Scott Bornstein, Sandra Franz, Zach Woosley, and the Immortal Erik Young http://www.winninguglyradio.com
Zach Woosley - http://www.gingetalksthefooty.com
Twiggster - Glory Glory Leeds! http://www.csrnusa.com/glorygloryleeds/ podcast: http://www.csrnusa.com/glorygloryleeds/glory-glory-leeds-show/
Jason Davis - http://www.matchfitusa.com
Chris Nee and Gary Andrews - http://www.twofootedtackle.com
Michael Johnson (MJ_in_Pitt) - http://www.steelarmy.com/
Kartik Krishnaiyer - http://thekartikreport.com
Brian O'Connell - http://houseofsoccer.blogspot.com/

Be sure to check out the new article by L.E. Eisenmenger
http://www.examiner.com/x-4128-New-England-Revolution-Examiner http://twitter.com/madisonroad
Additional Props to Jorge Ben, Paul Revere and The Raiders, Flight of the Conchords
and the Midnight Riders Tailgate Party

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