Episode 7 - Milestone Road

The Midnight Ride celebrates a night of Milestones as Jay Heaps notches his 300th league appearance, Matt Reis gets shutout # 50, and Taylor Twellman becomes the youngest and fastest player ever to reach 100 goals in the MLS. Special Guests Brian O'Connell and Mike Kuhn join host Hank as they head down Milestone Road.

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Episode 7 Show Notes Special thanks to this week's guests - Brian O'Connell - http://houseofsoccer.blogspot.com/ Michael Kuhn - http://www.downthebyline.com
Adam Cristman Interview - http://www.backpost.net/2009/04/adam-cristman-interview-04292009.html

Music: Kicks - By Paul Revere and the Raiders Xica da Silva - By Jorge Ben (I know it's not original, but you can blame Peter Brown on CSRN's Divers and Cheats for introducing it to me) "Why?" clip - excerpt from Rhymocerous and Hiphopopotamus - Flight of the Conchords

Scott Bornstein, Sandra Franz, Zach Woosley, and the Immortal Erik Young http://www.winninguglyradio.com
Zach Woosley - http://www.gingetalksthefooty.com
Twiggster - Glory Glory Leeds! http://www.csrnusa.com/glorygloryleeds/ podcast: http://www.csrnusa.com/glorygloryleeds/glory-glory-leeds-show/
Jason Davis - http://www.matchfitusa.com
Chris Nee and Gary Andrews - http://www.twofootedtackle.com
Michael Johnson (MJ_in_Pitt) - http://www.steelarmy.com/
Kartik Krishnaiyer - http://thekartikreport.com
Brian O'Connell - http://houseofsoccer.blogspot.com/

Be sure to check out the new article by L.E. Eisenmenger
http://www.examiner.com/x-4128-New-England-Revolution-Examiner http://twitter.com/madisonroad
Additional Props to Jorge Ben, Paul Revere and The Raiders, Flight of the Conchords
and the Midnight Riders Tailgate Party

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