Revs show interest in Joe Public's Richardson

Revs among MLS clubs bidding for Joe Public's Guyanese striker Gregory Richardson

Regarding Richardson, Griffith announced that United States Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs Columbus Crew, New England Revolution and San Jose Earthquakes all wanted to sign the fleet-footed Guyanese, following his terrific showing over two legs in the CONCACAF Champions League against the Revolution, including scoring a hat trick in Public's 4-0 victory, in the away leg in Boston earlier this month.

"He has to take his chance now," Griffith said. "What I can say is that it is very unlikely that Gregory Richardson will be a Joe Public player next season."

I look at Richardson as a Kheli Dube who can pass the ball. More importantly he is someone who can sneak behind the defense and put the ball in the net on his own, as well as draw the defense away from Taylor. Dube can score but he needs to play off of other people - like Taylor (who would draw the defense away from him).

I think they need to either get Taylor a partner he can work with - a Dube/Richardson type of player, or a true attacking midfielder, or they need to sell him. If they do sell Twellman, they could easily afford Richardson. But there are so many holes this club need to fill in the off season, I expect that they will try and address these first.

1) Attacking Midfielder - Steve Ralston will not play forever. They need to bring a playmaker in who can play off the forwards as well as set up goals. (Remember Clint Dempsey....). P.S. Shalrie Joseph is NOT this person.

2) Striking PARTNER for Twellman.... not just a forward that lays the ball off for Twellman, but someone that can score on his own and is not afraid of upsetting TT (Richardson, or someone like him)

3) Left wing - Khano Smith is a huge question mark and Mauricio Castro has been a flop and I don't expect him back. I don't see them spending a ton of money for a left footed winger, and expect them to promote from within. Igwe could play left back and Tierney play forward.... but Nicol prefers Tierney at left back. Is Chris Tierney the answer? Who's left?

4) Center Back - Parkhurst is out of contract. Who is going to take his place? Badilla? He has been spotty at best.

5) Assistant coach - if Mariner goes to Seattle (Seattle Mariner... heh) who will be the Robin to Nicol's Batman?

Don't forget there is a new team coming in to the league (Seattle) - which means there will be another Expansion draft. I will be very curious to see who Nicol leaves unprotected. My Money is on Igwe, Castro, Manzanelli, and Warren.