Episode 48 - The Midnight Ride and The Indirect Kick

In this week's super blogger team up action, Hank is joined by Brendan Schimmel of The Indirect Kick as they take on all issues concerning the New England Revolution (and there are a lot of them).

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Episode 47 - The Midnight Ride and The Black Lectoid from the Eighth Dimension

In this week's episode, Hank is joined by Majorleaguesocceruk.com's Jon Parker(Buckaroo Banzai fans will get the reference) all the way from Ipswich, England. Jon has a lot to say about the New England Revolution's defense and suggests a course of action for the remainder of the season.

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Here at The Midnight Ride Podcast, we don't get any fancy promotions or free tickets to give away, so instead, we are giving away the one thing we know every one will love (well, most everyone, right Prairie?)


That's right. FREE BEER.

But there's a catch - and it's a small one. All you need to do to get FREE BEER is one of the following:

1) send us an e-mail @ Revsmidnightride [at] gmail.com about anything you want. If I read it on the show, I will give you free beer.
2) subscribe to The Midnight Ride on iTunes, and write a review on the show. If you leave a review on the show, either positive or negative, I will give you free beer.
3) call the show and leave a voice mail @ 339-204-1775. If I play it on the show, I will give you free beer.

Now for the legalese. You must be 21 years old in the state of Massachusetts to drink beer. Sorry, but I will not serve minors. However, I will grant you an I.O.U. redeemable for a beer the day you turn 21.

Find me at the tailgate in the Supporter's section.

The Midnight Ride is a proud supporter of the Free Beer Movement.

Episode 46 - The Midnight Ride vs The Evil Bunny from Hoodwinked

On this episode of The Midnight Ride, Hank is joined by Chris Ballard, host of CSRN's Around The League Extra, and they discuss the turn around in the New England Revolution with their performance against Dallas, and look ahead to the game against Portland. They also take a quick look at the remaining schedule and speculate on the Revs' playoff chances.

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Episode 45 - The Midnight Ride vs The Elephant in the Room

In this week's episode, Hank is joined by Soccer Soap Box's Bob Madaio and they do like to ramble on… especially about the New England Revolution. On the docket for this podcast is the collapse in Philadelphia, the upcoming game against Dallas, and the Revolution's 90 minute problem… and they sort of talk about the possibility that maybe its time for the Revs to start considering the option of looking to alternative coaching sources.

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