United to leave DC????

Believe it or not - this may happen. If DC United does not get a new soccer stadium in the near future then MLS may move the team.

Jason Davis over at Match Fit USA has started a campaign that all supporters of Major League Soccer should support.

Despite the animosity that often comes with our club allegiances, there remains a certain amount of solidarity across the MLS spectrum. The league is young, the margins small, and to an extent, we're all in this together.

No mater how much you might hate United and their fans (I'm looking at you Red Bull), it would be impossible to argue that a relocated United would be a good thing. Who would New York fans have to hate if DC moved to say, St. Louis? It's just not the way things should be.

So why not make May 9th "Keep United in DC" Day across the league?

I know, I know. Who cares about DC United?

Well YOU should - and here's why.

DC United with all of its early success brought credibility to this league when it was just starting out. It quickly became the blueprint of what every MLS team wanted to be - a winning team with a passionate fan base.

The fact that MLS is even considering moving this team is discouraging... if they move DC United, what's to stop them from moving YOUR team?

You may think New England is safe, especially with all the money that the Krafts have sunk into Patriot Place. But the Revs have notoriously low attendance records despite all of their recent success. And even if they don't pay rent at Gillette, MLS still wants every team to have its own ground. (Hence the research into a SSS in Somerville, and the rumors of a move to Hartford area that circulated late last year).

Teams like DC United and Houston Dynamo are low hanging fruit for MLS because they pay rent... but once those cherries are picked - MLS will turn its gaze to New England.

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