Another Brilliant Marketing Idea

Except this one might actually work...just not on me.

So while the Revs are on the road, the newest guerilla marketing arm of the Kraft Soccer corporation will be giving out free giveaways at a hip sports bar downtown. I was very tempted to go - just so I could see the Rev Girls in action... but then I realized that the pub is down the street from Fenway, and the Red Sox are on at the same time.
While I think it is a good idea for the Rev Girls to get in the faces of some die hard sox fans, I just can't get motivated to go all the way into Boston (just "1200 steps from Fenway park") to watch this game, for one good reason: I want to actually WATCH the game. I mean it's a Bawstin spawts bah for christsake, and the Sawx are on!!! Not only that the bar is named after "'Nuff Said" McGreevy, for crying out loud, the legendary leader of the "Royal Rooters" (the original Red Sox Nation). I can't imagine that there will be more than one TV devoted to the Revolution while the Sox are playing. Then add the thousands of people in Boston who don't have tickets to the game at Fenway, and the revs fans are going to have a real hard time seeing or even hearing anything on the game.
So good luck Rev Girls - I hope the patrons of McGreevy's have a good time and that you can convince some of Red Sox Nation to come out and support the Revs, but you will have to count me out. I'll be enjoying the game from the comforts of home.

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