Since first publishing this post, I have learned that MUN2 will be broadcasting in English with Phil Schoen and Marcelo Balboa as Commentators. This does not change my opinion that the game should not be televised on a major television network.

I don't know what the reasons are but they are secondary at this point. What is important is the following: what is undoubtedly the biggest game for the US Men's National Soccer Team's World Cup qualifying campaign, and could very well be the biggest draw the USMNT would ever have on a major network ratings wise, will not be available to the general public at large. It won't be shown on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic or even ESPN Deportes. It wont be on ABC, CBS, FOX or even FSC. The game will only be shown on MUN2 - a Telemundo Network channel. So not only won't it be on a major network, it won't even be in English.

This is shocking - what's even more shocking is that Telemundo is part of the NBC Network - and the fact that they will not be using one of their American based channels (NBC, USA, CNBC, MSNBC, Bravo) to broadcast the game is beyond belief.


Per Jason Gatties' suggestion, there is now an online petition for the effort:


Sign it, send it to everyone you know, tweet it, post it on message boards-do whatever it takes to make this a campaign that actually carries some weight.

*UPDATE* Apparently I should have researched this particular petition site a little; it seems that ipetitions makes it appear you have to pay to sign. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. THERE IS NO CHARGE TO SIGN THE PETITION.

Online petitions are nice, and they're certainly easy, but clogging up email in-boxes and fax machines are even better. I realize that the effort needed can often be a deterrent, and so I'm making it easy for you:

First, copy and paste these email addresses into your email's recipient box.

brian.walker@nbcuni.com, adam.freifeld@nbcuni.com, Lyndsay.Iorio@nbcuni.com, dick.ebersol@nbcuni.com, Perkins.Miller@nbcuni.com, Jeff.Zucker@nbcuni.com

Make the subject "USA-Mexico on USA Network" or something similar.

Next, copy and paste this text into the body of your email:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am an American soccer fan. Yes, we do in fact exist, and we are likely more numerous than you might believe.

As an American soccer fan, I was distressed to learn that the United States Men's National Team's upcoming World Cup qualifier with arch-rival Mexico will not be broadcast on a widely-available English-language network.

This is unacceptable. Soccer, and in particular the USMNT, are growing in popularity at a rapid clip. The team's recent strong showing in a tournament last month has drastically increased their profile, and more Americans than ever are following them. USA-Mexico is not only a crucial game for World Cup qualification, it's also the most compelling, intriguing, and attention-worthy game on the 2009 calendar. The soccer community is anxiously awaiting the match, and will watch in larger numbers.

Broadcasting the game on a network few of us receive or would be forced to pay added cost for is not only unfair, it's bad business. Cutting the potential audience for the game off at the knees does not seem the best way to maximize it's potential worth to NBC Universal.

Therefore, I respectfully request that you move this match to one of your other more widely-available networks. USA Network would seem to make the most sense, though I am not picky. Please allow us, the American soccer community, see the game that we are so looking forward to. I'm convinced that this move makes sense for your company as well; aside from the millions of eyes tuned to your one of your networks, the PR ramifications are obvious.

(your name)
An American Soccer Fan

Hit send.

E-mail and tweet as many people as possible. Get them to sign it too, and get tehm to pass it on. Paste it on facebook. Spread the word.... push social media to it's limit. Let's get NBC to put it on the air.


  1. Watch the game in Spanish, it's more exciting that way. Don't be a dumbass

  2. Nice comment... well thought out and to the point - Except I don't understand spanish and would rather listen to English - so if that makes me a dumbass so be it.

    But let me ask you something... have you seen MUN2 anywhere? Here is the line up for today - L'Creme, My 5 Favoritos, L'Creme (again..., WWE Raw, Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso... ever hear of any of these shows? I never have. So what will draw the common fan to this channel?

  3. Well, at least you admitted you're a dumbass.

    But for real, association football is much more entertaining with Spanish commentary. Trust me. Broaden your horizons and learn Spanish. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    Have you seen the women in the shows you mentioned? Unbelievably attractive. VA VA VOOM!!! Mmmmm mmmm! Schwing x1000. But anyway, they are not just trying to draw the common fan to this channel. They are also using this match as a test to see if future football matches should be broadcast on mun2. mun2 is currently trailing Mtv tr3s and billingual WGN. If football broadcasts are added to mun2, they'll be able to compete better.

  4. Well the whole "learning spanish" point is moot as the game will be broadcast in English.

    I still think that the majority of bars in the US will not be showing this game simply because it is not on a major network. I want this game to have as much exposure as possible to grow the sport in this country.

    I don't think the audience of MUN2 is the target demographic either.