SuperLiga or Open Cup? What's your preference?

Personally - even though I was proud of the way the team battled back in the 2008 tournament to tie the game and win it in PK - I have always thought SuperLiga was a sham. When the first teams were announced back in 2007 and LA was included over New England (New England was second in the east, and LA was second from bottom in the west) it was clear to me that it was all a way to sell more David Beckham Shirts.

What gets me is SUM is willing to sponsor this bogus tournament and yet wont put any money into the Open Cup. Nowadays, most MLS teams these days use as an excuse to get their bench players some game time, but this tournament used to have a lot of appeal (especially when the Revs won it in 2007).

With the reduced roster size MLS teams are struggling to field players for these events along with league play - and if you add the Champions League also in the mix - you just get a ton of fixture congestion that most MLS sides can't keep up with as was the case with the Revs last year.

So which tournament means more to YOU and why? Let me know and I'll read your responses on my podcast.

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