Episode 3 - To Draft, or to Trade?

In this week's episode, The Midnight Ride takes a look at how the New England Revolution trades players for draft picks, as well as recaps the game against the Chicago Fire, and previews next week's game as well.

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Episode 3 Show Notes

Kicks - By Paul Revere and the Raiders
(ok granted, it's a loose reference to the Midnight Ride, but with a title like KICKS it gets extra soccer credit)
Xica da Silva - By Jorge Ben (I know it's not original, but you can blame Peter Brown on CSRN's Divers and Cheats for introducing it to me)
"Why?" clip - excerpt from Rhymocerous and Hiphopopotamus - Flight of the Conchords


Twiggster - Glory Glory Leeds!


Jason Davis - http://www.matchfitusa.com

Zach Woosley - http://www.gingetalksthefooty.com

Scott Bornstein, Sandra Franz, Zach, and the Immortal Erik Young

Chris Nee and Gary Andrews - http://www.twofootedtackle.com

Duane Rollins - http://www.24thminute.com

Michael Johnson (MJ_in_Pitt) - http://www.steelarmy.com/

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Additional Props to Jorge Ben, Paul Revere and The Raiders, Flight of the Conchords

and the Midnight Riders Tailgate Party


  1. From the Revs blog "Also listed as probable is Sainey Nyassi with a left knee contusion, and while the 20-year-old midfielder did not play this past weekend against Chicago, he was available on the bench and did train today with seemingly no ill effects."

    So he WAS benched. 'Nuff said.

  2. If you get two starters out of the MLS draft, you are winning. The more picks you have, the better the chances in getting starters. There was nobody left when our pick turned up and I would take Alston over anyone in that draft class regardless.

    And Franchino? He wasn't a starter when we got rid of him.