Waive Bye Bye

The Revs are making final cuts on their roster today ahead of the Supplemental Waiver Draft. Here is the list of players who will not be with the Revs roster.

Sam Brill (New England Revolution) - Sam (along with Brandon Tyler and Joe Germanese) made some great starts for the Revs last year in the US Open Cup. But all three will suffer due to the reduced roster and the loss of the Reserve league. Too bad as Sam was a local boy from Newton.

Brandon Manzonelli (New England Revolution) - never liked him. A lot of hype but nothing to show for it.

Brandon Tyler (New England Revolution) - see Sam and Joe.

Joe Germanese (New England Revolution) - see Sam and Tyler

Gary Flood (New England Revolution) - good riddance - yankees fan and defiler of fenway park. Came to New England with his own invisibilty cloak which only worked when he was on the field.

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