Skewed Salaries reported for MLS

This article says New England Revolution is one of the lowest average salaries in the league...however what the article fails to convey is that MLS has a very skewed salary structure, where first year players (not including Generation Adidas players) are paid roughly 33,000 per year, and developmental players are paid even less. 

Team averages that have big name "outliers" such as Beckham, Blanco, Angel and Ljungberg are skewed.  The Galaxy averages $404,000 per player, but only because they have Beckham and Donovan. 

Take a look at the rest of the salaries for the galaxy and see how their own team stacks up against the average.

You will see that the LA Galaxy have only two players above the average salary (Beckham and Donovan).  The New England Revolution have 8.  That's one third of the roster - compared to the Galaxy's twelfth.
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  1. This is why stats always bother me; I'm no statiscian, but I'm pretty sure you can make them say whatever you want, as long as you know how to manipulate the data. Not to mention that the "headlin" of the Revs low payroll means that most casual observers will never appreciate the context.