Revs take the power away from Dynamo

Finally the Revs win. It wasn't the prettiest game; the Revs had to come back three times, taking all of extra time and then extra rounds of penalty kicks to do it, but they did.

I have to say, they were lucky to be going in to the half at 1-1. Not counting Igwe's bonehead maneuver of the century which led to Houston's first goal. Ching and DeRosario both missed multiple chances and should have scored.

The second half was very tentative from New England. The Revs almost seemed afraid to pressure the Dynamo. Nyassi stopped running half way through the second half...also seemed unable to feed Albright on the overlapping run, and then kept losing the ball. Twellman looked like he was playing for the first time in months...which of course, he was, but he seemed to expect more "courtesy" from referee Howard Webb. Khano seemed to be getting the better of Greg Waibel but nothing ever came of it except a few missed chances. Chris Tierney seemed to forget how to advance the ball, continually passing back to Igwe rather than playing the ball forward. Igwe's play did improve over the course of the game, but it was not the attacking play that the Revs needed. The second half came to a close uneventfully.

When Kamara scored in extra time I nearly puked. I was literally sick to my stomach. But Ralston and Joseph to the rescue! The two connect again and Shalrie scores a very gritty goal and off we go to penalty kicks.

Reis missed. He hasn't missed in a shootout ever until that point. But he did well to come back and stop three of the Dynamo's kicks for the win (I am still not sure if he got a hand on the last one or if Ashe just missed... but I don't care).

Khano had the chance to win it for us again, and he should have side footed it to his left as Onstad seemed to know he was going to the right. Probably saw Khano's pk in the replay of the Pachuca game.

But who cares in the end .... it was a great night. No awards ceremony - but that is another story. The story of the night is the Revs beat the Dynamo.

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