Lalas and Gullitt - The writing was on the wall

It came as no surprise to me that Ruud Gullit and Alexi Lalas are no longer with the LA Galaxy. That the announcement came on the same day was somewhat surprising.

Alexi Lalas was just a matter of time. Personal accomplishments and national team record aside, Lalas' track record as a GM has been less than successful. Lalas is a great spokesman for the league, and his signing of Beckham definitely made headlines (not to mention sold some shirts), but his mismanagement of teams (three clubs in the last six years) speaks for itself. Alexi ought to consider a career in the league office, or in the booth at ESPN. However, I expect that he will sign on with an expansion team as a GM (Philadelphia?) and help that team get off the ground.

I am no fan of Gullitt. His playing career aside, his managerial career has not bowled me over. He was handed a great team at Chelsea, and did well there. He then moved to Newcastle where he failed to get any kind of rhythm going, and was summarily dismissed. To come over to the United States and take a team that has history, and undeniable talent, but just as undeniably the worst defense in the league, it was a tall ask to turn the team around. While the scoring has been prolific - Gullitt just could not put together any kind of defense. However, I thought that Gullitt would stick it out the season at least. Now the Galaxy will turn to Cobi Jones. Will he be the second coming of Jason Kreis? For his sake I hope so...however the Galaxy will probably turn to a more proven commodity. Who that person is, time will tell.

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