Episode 129 - The Midnight Ride vs The Season Ticket Renewal Season

Photo by Kari Heistad

In this episode, Hank and Matty talk New England Revolution, and all the love being showered on Kelyn Rowe. Is too much love a good thing? Absoultely - especially when it results in Kelyn giving a little love back - via two goals and a love note on instagram. We'll take it any way we can get here in New England, and a 5 goal game is just the ticket for the Revs faithful. We also talk about the recent lineup changes and what we can expect in Toronto. Will Saer Sene make it back into the lineup? Will Coach Heaps give Diego a rest? Will the city of Boston pass the referendum vote to build a Casino, and how will that impact the Revs chances for a stadium at Wonderland?

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