2012 New England Free Beer Movement


.... it never really left...

but as it's the last home game of the season, I encourage all of you to participate in the FREE BEER MOVEMENT.  (see http://www.thefreebeermovement.com/).

Here's how it works.  Bring a friend who has never been to a Revolution game before, or maybe a friend who hasn't been in a long time, or maybe a complete stranger - anyone with a pulse really - bring them to the game on Saturday night - and make sure you stop buy the supporters group tailgate (P1 parking lot - see here - http://www.midnightriders.com/at-gillette-stadium/).  Look for me at the tailgate - I'll be the idiot with Hisco 5 on the back of his shirt - also look for a big red/maroon truck with a sign that says FREE BEER MOVEMENT.  Say the following "Hey, what's up?" and show me your ticket stub  - I'll open my cooler

That's how it works.  So SHOW UP.

GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD. sorry; if you are under 21, I can't give you a beer. 

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