Episode 83 - The Nora Show (aka The Midnight Ride vs The Allocation Order)

Episode 83 - The Nora Show (aka The Midnight Ride vs The Allocation Order)

In this weeks episode Hank was joined by Jon Parker (@guitarspoons; aka the black lectoid from the 8th dimension) to discuss the acquisition of Juan Toja and what it really means for the New England Revolutiom.  Special Guest Star - MATTY JOLLIE!!! (@themostunoriginalnameontwitterever) - does any one read this?

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7:30 sc728: Forget trades. We clone a full squad of Ryan Guys and hope for the best.
7:30 nickademis78: Barnes had minutes at one point. Kind of squandered them. 
7:30 nickademis78: He's still a very nice guy.
7:31 deepinthefortcom: I wish there was more delving into all aspects on coverage of the team like there is with teams in Europe.  There's so much more fan input and fan awareness over there.
7:32 nickademis78: Mind of Abraham remarked Lozano shouldn't have shipped off. Any thoughts on that?
7:32 deepinthefortcom: Agree.
7:32 nickademis78: been shipped off*
7:32 deepinthefortcom: Killed our depth.
7:32 deepinthefortcom: Bring up some Academy players.
7:32 sc728: Most of that in Europe is generated by their extensive media coverage of clubs, which sparks debate amongst fans. We have none of that in NE.
7:32 nickademis78: He was actually more ballsy than Soares. He earned a couple cards even in the short span he was here, correct?
7:33 deepinthefortcom: Our damn CSNNE and NESN don't even cover the Revs on their news.
7:33 deepinthefortcom: Your centerback should almost always be your cards leader.
7:33 nickademis78: Well, NESN's owned by the Red Sox/Liverpool conglomerate...
7:33 ntolman: You mean the Illuminati
7:34 nickademis78: I do
7:34 sc728: The likes of Liverpool and Chelsea have their own tv channels, with call in shows for fans. We get to tweet angrily about NESN.
7:34 nickademis78: I do mean the Illuminati
7:34 deepinthefortcom: To give you an idea, NESN wrote a story about Hope Solo's book having lesbian events in it.
7:34 deepinthefortcom: lol
7:34 nickademis78: Now hang on there
7:34 nickademis78: Some of us have different priorities
7:34 ntolman: i'd rather read about Hope Solo girl on girl than the Revs sucking
7:34 nickademis78: I GOT MENTIONED!
7:34 nickademis78: EEEEEEEEEEEE!
7:35 sc728: YOU'RE SO FAMOUS OMG
7:35 nickademis78: Just as a quick note, Lozano's name appeared on the MLS payroll pdf for this season
7:35 ntolman: Henry, don't let themt take you alive
7:35 ntolman: *them
7:35 nickademis78: He was getting a handsome amount of dosh
7:35 nickademis78: So... there may have been a budget problem with him
7:36 deepinthefortcom: I hate these friggin commercials every 5 minutes or so.
7:36 sc728: Ok that's a serious amount of sirens. 
7:36 ntolman: I use Ad Muncher
7:36 ntolman: whichs stops ustream ads
7:36 deepinthefortcom: Benny is the devil?
7:36 deepinthefortcom: Maybe.
7:36 nickademis78: Quater of a million dollars
7:36 sc728: I haven't gotten any ads despite the clock for them showing up on my screen.
7:36 nickademis78:
7:36 ntolman: He's not the devil. He's a lower tier fiend
7:37 ntolman: He can't even make bargains
7:37 deepinthefortcom: Toja actually has a marginal right foot.
7:37 deepinthefortcom: Yeah, Soares is ballsy.  You need a lynchpin though.
7:37 nickademis78: All the more reason to not buy that Toja jersey yet 
7:38 sc728: Bocanegra reference, everyone take a shot.
7:38 nickademis78: jersy damn it
7:38 ntolman: I don't have any booze
7:38 nickademis78: DAMN IT
7:38 deepinthefortcom: I think Chivas is a winnable game, they don't have a huge attacking threat.
7:38 deepinthefortcom: If we can put a couple on the board...
7:38 nickademis78: I'm predicting a 5-5 tie against Chivas
7:39 sc728: As long as there's no Cinco De Mayo demolition like there was a few years ago, we should do alright. Reckon we could nick a 2-1.
7:39 deepinthefortcom: If anyone's interested, I think the MLS record is 11 games without a win.
7:40 ntolman: So a record we could break then?
7:40 deepinthefortcom: YEAH.
7:40 ntolman: It's good to have goals and aspirations
7:40 nickademis78: Was that TFC that earned that record?
7:40 deepinthefortcom: Not sure.
7:40 deepinthefortcom: No restrictions?  Olave.
7:40 deepinthefortcom: Jamison Olave.
7:40 deepinthefortcom: RSL
7:40 deepinthefortcom: Ihemelu, FC Dallas.
7:41 deepinthefortcom: He''s 29.
7:41 sc728: ^ That's a good shout
7:42 nickademis78: TFC had the worst START in MLS history
7:42 nickademis78: ... and the fact that they may leapfrog over NE concerns me
7:43 nickademis78: Purdie was injured for awhile, I think
7:43 deepinthefortcom: LETS SIGN JOEY BARTON
7:43 deepinthefortcom: but not.
7:44 nickademis78: I like how being Canadian is a major selling point these daysd
7:44 deepinthefortcom: Hahah.
7:44 ntolman: So we can have the guy that makes Lenhert look like a boy scout
7:45 ntolman: Besides we can't afford Barton
7:46 nickademis78: These are all very good ideas
7:46 ntolman: jinx
7:46 nickademis78: 5-5
7:46 deepinthefortcom: On my FM12 season, SKC just traded me Kei Kamara for Monsef Zerka.
7:46 nickademis78: On FM12, Lekic is still a good striker for me
7:46 sc728: 2-1. Bet Tierney gets the winner off a free kick.
7:46 ntolman: I cheat and gave the Revs billions of dollars
7:46 deepinthefortcom: Hahaha/
7:47 ntolman: I hired Arsene Wenger as the assistant
7:47 nickademis78: The fans still hate me for Nicol's being sacked
7:47 nickademis78: And me being their replacement
7:47 deepinthefortcom: I hired Joe Max Moore as my assistant.
7:47 deepinthefortcom: Eddie Pope as my Youth Coach.
7:47 nickademis78: That's actually a good move (Max Moore)
7:47 nickademis78: IRL as well
7:48 nickademis78: EEEEEE
7:48 nickademis78: He SAID IT AGAIN!
7:48 deepinthefortcom: WOOOOOOOOO
7:48 ntolman: WOOOOOO
7:48 deepinthefortcom: Ric Flair WOOOOOOOOOOOOO
7:49 nickademis78: Sweet
7:49 nickademis78: Jesus
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