Here at The Midnight Ride Podcast, we don't get any fancy promotions or free tickets to give away, so instead, we are giving away the one thing we know every one will love (well, most everyone, right Prairie?)


That's right. FREE BEER.

But there's a catch - and it's a small one. All you need to do to get FREE BEER is one of the following:

1) send us an e-mail @ Revsmidnightride [at] about anything you want. If I read it on the show, I will give you free beer.
2) subscribe to The Midnight Ride on iTunes, and write a review on the show. If you leave a review on the show, either positive or negative, I will give you free beer.
3) call the show and leave a voice mail @ 339-204-1775. If I play it on the show, I will give you free beer.

Now for the legalese. You must be 21 years old in the state of Massachusetts to drink beer. Sorry, but I will not serve minors. However, I will grant you an I.O.U. redeemable for a beer the day you turn 21.

Find me at the tailgate in the Supporter's section.

The Midnight Ride is a proud supporter of the Free Beer Movement.

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