Supporters Group Unite in Silent Protest

The supporters groups of the New England Revolution have announced plans for "BLACK SUNDAY", a silent protest on Sunday night, as the Revs face off against the Philadelphia Union at Gillette Stadium.

The Midnight Riders, New England Rebellion, and Rev Army announced their joint plans today to stage a mass protest in light of the "fortgate" incident of June 18th, in which Gillette Stadium security personnel cracked down on the supporters groups for the use of profanity in their chants. The position of the united supporters groups is that the personnel were overly aggressive, abusive, and disrespectful.

The following excerpt comes from Rev Army supporters site,, and details the NON VIOLENT course of action:

"The plan is to wear a BLACK shirt, march in as normal and have all groups fill in 143 from front to back. Every seat filled. There are some extra Support the Fort shirts available for those interested.

Have scarves up and cheer for the players and national anthems. Then at the opening whistle we sit... in complete and utter silence. Even if the Revs score 5 goals... Silence.

When the clock hits 16:00 we will start "Mama Mama" and march out of the stadium being as loud as possible and proceed to the parking lot. In order to prevent concerns of "aisle crowding" we will have people leave from the front row first, then second, third, etc. Please make sure to do so in an orderly fashion. Please do not antagonize or respond to antagonism from Team Ops, FPD, etc.

We are also encouraging people to NOT spend any money in the stadium. No better way to make a point than hit Kraft in the wallet.

We would like clarify this is of course VOLUNTARY and in response to separate individual planned protests. We will let our discontent be known this game, then we will go forward with enacting change to make the Fort and Gillette a better place for supporters."

I would also like to make a request of my fellow supporters to not antagonize those who chose not to participate, and do not respond to them if they choose to antagonize you, be the bigger person.

People interested in officially supporting the protest in the fort should reach out to the various supporters groups directly.

The Midnight Riders
New England Rebellion
The Drug Is Football (Rev Army)

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