Not quite, but these lovely ladies going out into Bars and trying to recruit a slightly different demographic...

The team’s newest marketing initiative, the Rev Girls will run promotions at games and nighttime events and make public appearances on behalf of the team.

Women interested in interviewing for a roster spot with the Rev Girls must be at least 21 years old, and must bring positive identification with them. Prospective team members must also wear form-fitting clothing to the interview, and also bring both a headshot and a full-body image. Successful candidates will also be available for the entire duration of the Revolution season – March through November
I can't believe the Revs are going in this direction. The hard core soccer fans are not at night clubs, but rather at the footy pubs on Saturday morning. Why not bring the coaches out to the pubs with some of the players the morning of a big game and have them interact with some real fans.

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