MLS is holding Revs players back

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As they did with Revs players Clint Dempsey and Shalrie Joseph, as well as other MLS players such as Eddie Johnson, the league has basically handcuffed Revolution forward Taylor Twellman state side after rejecting an upgraded offer worth over 2 Million dollars.

Twellman is quoted as saying
"Something's got to give," Twellman said. "They made me sign a contract for the minimum salary [in '02] and I've jumped through every hoop with a smile on my face. They said I hadn't scored for the national team, and now I've scored six goals, then they said I never received an international offer of any magnitude, and now I have that offer. Now, they can either re-sign me and make a long-term commitment to me, or they can make money off my sale and I'll be gone. They can't withhold me from making three times as much money as I make here.

Galarcep includes the Revs' point of view (Link to Article)

"It needs to be made clear that [Twellman] signed a long-term extension with MLS last year and we fully expect that contract to be honored," said Mike Burns, New England's director of soccer. "I think by not accepting the offer, it says a lot about the Revolution and the league that this deal has been turned down.

"We want to show our fans and our team that we want to put the best product on the field -- without Taylor, that lessens our chances of being successful, and that was, in part, why the offer wasn't accepted.

"This situation didn't make sense for the Revolution. If it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, perhaps it would be viewed differently."

This is where the sides disagree. For Revs management, the offer isn't enough to make the team consider giving up its most dangerous attacking player and one of the league's best forwards.

He goes on to say:
"My point is, if they're just going to turn it down in the blink of an eye, and they didn't even think about it, that tells me they're pretty much not selling me under any circumstances," Twellman said. "So if I'm not for sale under any circumstances and I'm going to spend the rest of my career with the Revolution, then something's gotta give.

"If I'm that valuable and mean that much to the team, then how do they justify me not being their designated player? It isn't even about that, though. It's about a chance that I may not get again. You only do your career once, and this is an offer I'm not sure they'll ever see again."

Ultimately, Twellman doesn't have much recourse, since he signed that contract a year ago for the security it offered and the increased salary he was hoping for. Just because circumstances have since changed, the fact remains that Twellman already committed.

I have to agree with TT on this one.... MLS is holding back players from gaining international experience as well as allowing them to secure their future. Twellman is turning 28 next month and won't have many opportunities left to make this kind of money.

I say let him go. He can come back here when he is done playing over there.

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